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Rabbi Aryeh Spero

They place their interests above the company's ability to remain productive and survive, often have an antagonistic view toward the very company that provides them a living, care about their union jobs but not the jobs of those who are not unionized, see victory in expanding arbitrary work rules, and are an arm of the Democrat machine. Their time has come and gone. Companies today will pay for good, honest, reliable workers and those with creative ideas and energy.

Countries where unions dominate end up impoverished or stagnant: Greece, England, Italy, France. They ignore what is fair or what is good for the country; rather see themselves, especially the leadership, as the ultimate end in itself. No money is left for a company to invest, nor can a company plan ahead since unions act arbitrarily.

Government employees demand benefits and salaries so high that taxpayers who pay for this things end up with far less than the employees they are paying. Property taxes, which pay for these goodies, are so high that some homeowners are loosing their homes-- homes they've lived in for thirty years.But the fear of curtailment of vital services is the weapon unions use.

No doubt, one of the reasons for the decline in American manufacturing, and the shipping of jobs abroad, is due to the exorbitant demands of unions and their constant threats of shut-down. It's a relic and has become a tool of the Left -- all in the name of, of course, 'The People'.

Columnist and commentator, Rabbi Aryeh Spero