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Star Parker

No single individual possesses absolute truth so the best way to find the truth is to allow the open, free exchange of ideas. This freedom must also be coupled with a limited role of government because when government compensates for the failure of man to take individual responsibility then people will look to government rather than to God, who I believe is the author of truth.

Adversity should not be seen as an enemy but as a friend because it causes people to explore deeper truths, to look for greater understanding and to think about eternity. When God seems hidden, we reach deeper for Him and in homes where people are unemployed, contemplating losing their house and grappling with tough decisions, I guarantee that a whole lot more prayer is going on.

Unfortunately, in our harder hit communities people are not being asked to do this because the government makes decisions for them so that they depend on the government rather than their own ingenuity.

President of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, Star Parker