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Dinesh D

You would like to think that in a world where everyone has a moral sense that it would be easy to find agreement on fundamental questions - certainly moral questions and possibly other questions, but the fact that we all have a moral voice within us doesn’t mean that we all want to listen to that voice.

At the starting point, you really have two groups of people: one group of people that wants to go according to morality, which is the voice within, and the other group of people which wrestles with their conscience and wins. In other words, they hear the voice but have some other goal, which is one reason that you have a breakdown right away.

A second reason is that even if people are listening to their moral voice, the moral voice says what’s right and wrong, but it doesn’t always say what’s right and wrong in the precise, given situation. So it’s possible to affirm principles like truthfulness, integrity, reliability and sincerity, but nevertheless to disagree when it comes to the application of those ideas.

Author, Commentator and President of The King's College, Dinesh D'Souza