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Dinesh D

The politician, Tipp O’Neill once compared the federal government to being big, fat and out of control. In contrast, the actual role of the government should be small, lean and in control, or under control. What this means is that we have limited government - limited government that has defined, enumerated functions, beyond which it should not operate.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t certain things which need to be done, but the question is whether it’s the role of the government to do them. For example, my neighbor’s child may be desperately in need of sex education, but it’s not my job to go provide it. The sex education should come from that child’s parents or possibly from the schools, but it’s not my job to provide sex education for my neighbor’s child.

So although there are things which need to be done, it doesn’t necessarily follow that it’s the federal government’s job to do them. So the role of the federal government should be limited to certain important duties, most notably, it is sworn to protect us from foreign and domestic threats, but apart from those enumerated functions, it should abstain.

Author, Commentator and President of The King's College, Dinesh D'Souza