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Ben Shapiro

I think people disagree because they start from different premises. I think one of the great fallacies of conservative thought is that liberals have no logic to them. Liberals absolutely have a logic to them, it's just that they are starting from an incredibly different premise. They're starting from the premise that there are basically no rights in the individual, all rights reside in the state and it is the job of the state to equally distribute these rights among individuals. Conservatives believe that there are certain inherent rights in the individual and the government no matter how legitimately constructed has no right to violate those rights.

If the majority suggested that they wanted to kill the minority, according to conservatives that would be a problem, but according to liberals it may not be as much of a problem. We see that in communist states around the world, where they have no problem killing the minorities in large numbers.

So they start from different premises and once you start from different premises you can make logical arguments on both fronts and people disagree. Law and politics is basically like an iceberg, and what people spend their time arguing over is the 10 percent above the water and they never attack the 90 percent that is below the water even though it is actually the important part.

Most people on the right agree that there are certain moral principles which cannot be violated, most people on the left believe that morality is created by the minds of men and is therefore changeable and malleable. These are very significant differences in the way that we see the world, because of basic premises not misapplied logic.

Syndicated columnist and author, Ben Shapiro