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Ben Shapiro

The government should do very little. The government's only job in an economy should be to prevent things like fraud, but other than this, in my opinion, the government should play very little role. It's not their job to push particular programs and or businesses, it's their job to get out of the way, and to allow people who earn and produce products that other people want, to do just that.

When the government does become involved , it's almost invariably detrimental. For example, people like to say that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is evidence that when the government becomes involved, things become better, but the fact is that all it does is create more hazard by encouraging people not to conduct their research before investing in things like stock.

Whenever the government gets involved, all they tend to do is shift burdens from those who are less productive to those who are more productive. They tend to do things like reduce productivity, over-regulate when they seek to merely prevent basic things like fraud and redistribute according to the legislator's favorite businesses or interests. Nothing good generally happens when the government gets involved in the economy.

Syndicated columnist and author, Ben Shapiro