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Dinesh D

Poverty doesn’t need explanation, it’s the natural condition of man who has had to scratch a living out of the ground from time and memorial. The really interesting question is “What causes wealth?” . . . [More]

Author, Commentator and President of The King's College, Dinesh D'Souza

Carrie Lukas

Economies prosper when innovative thinkers are able to put their ideas to work, creating new advancements in technology and productivity, making it cheaper and easier to create and sell products that we need and want . . . [More]

Independent Women's Forum director and Goldwater Institute senior fellow, Carrie Lukas

Grover Norquist

A minimum wage is a law that makes it illegal for two people to agree on a labor contract the government disapproves of. It violates the rights of the worker and the employer. Both would voluntarily sign a mutually beneficial contract but the government gets in the way. . . . [More]

President of Americans For Tax Reform, Grover Norquist

Ben Shapiro

The government should do very little. The government's only job in an economy should be to prevent things like fraud, but other than this, in my opinion, the government should play very little role. It's not their job to push particular programs and or businesses, it's their job to get out of the way, and to allow people who earn and produce products that other people want, to do just that . . . [More]

Syndicated columnist and author, Ben Shapiro

Dinesh D

In economies there are private sector unions and public sector [government] unions. Public sector unions serve no useful purpose as far as I can see, and in fact there’s an inherent problem in even having these public sector unions. The reason for this is that normally, in the relationship, there is an employer who is protecting the interests of the company, in this case the shareholders, and a union who is fighting for the workers. Both sides have a kind of tug-of-war to find a reasonable compromise on workers’ wages while still preserving the profitability of the company . . . [More]

Author, Commentator and President of The King's College, Dinesh D'Souza

Star Parker

The wealthy don’t simply horde their money, or bury it in the ground, they invest it in such a way that all of society benefits, by producing products and services that people want which then creates jobs which people need. An obvious example of this is Apple Inc.’s Steve Jobs who started with a single idea which lead to more ideas which have now produced directly and indirectly not just money for himself, but countless jobs and technology for the entire world . . . [More]

President of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, Star Parker

Mike Connolly

Taxes should not exist to more equally distribute resources. Government has a certain set of functions it must perform, and it obviously needs a certain amount of money to perform them. But beyond those basic functions and services, government should do and tax very little . . . [More]

Communications Director, Club For Growth, Mike Connolly

Ben Shapiro

I think people disagree because they start from different premises. I think one of the great fallacies of conservative thought is that liberals have no logic to them. Liberals absolutely have a logic to them, it's just that they are starting from an incredibly different premise. They're starting from the premise that there are basically no rights in the individual, all rights reside in the state and it is the job of the state to equally distribute these rights among individuals. Conservatives believe that there are certain inherent rights in the individual and the government no matter how legitimately constructed has no right to violate those rights. . . . [More]

Syndicated columnist and author, Ben Shapiro